Instructions and Submission of Recommendation Letters

Program Description: The McNair Program provides a comprehensive array of services designed to facilitate undergraduate degree completion and ultimate enrollment in graduate school at the doctoral level. Talented students will partake in a summer and/or an academic year research project with a Faculty Mentor, attend a graduate school preparation seminar series, and prepare for the GRE. They will begin their research during the summer, culminating in the presentation of their research to students, faculty, and staff. Students will receive a stipend during their program participation.

Information for Recommenders

All applicants for the McNair Scholars Program are required to complete the online application and list two references. These references must complete a one page letter of recommendation for the McNair Office to take in consideration with a student’s application.

Your letter of recommendation may include your assessment of the student’s ability to:

  • Think analytically
  • Conduct research
  • Be responsible and mindful
  • Communicate (verbal/written)
  • Take initiative and work independently
  • Succeed at the graduate level
  • Manage multiple academic and extracurricular commitments
  • Contribute to a collaborative learning community like the McNair Scholars Program.

Please scroll down to submit your recommendation for a student applying to the McNair Scholars Program.

Early Decision Application Deadline: October 27, 2023

Standard Application Deadline:  November 27, 2023



Recommendation Submission


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Paper Recommendation

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